What Makes GSLOGIX INC. Stand Out

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We are a full-fledged freight forwarding company located in the largest city in Canada – Toronto. We specialize in ocean FCL/LCL, air freight, customs clearance, and anything related to the import/export of commercial goods.

We have been providing class-leading customer service and bringing cost-effective logistics solutions to organizations since May 2016.

We serve clients across Etobicoke, Toronto, Brampton, Greater Toronto Area, Canada, China, India, the Middle East, and Europe. While we are busy year-round, our peak season is typically late October and November.

As a business, we are growing in size every year but we will continue to provide efficient solutions to customers. 

The GSLOGIX INC. Difference

Our biggest strength is that we can provide quick and efficient logistic solutions. We are also very approachable and have staff who are ready to speak to customers at any time. 

What makes us second to none is our technologically advanced and integrated freight software. This software manages every shipment we have in our pipeline and warehousing controls. 

As logistic professionals and freight forwarders in Etobicoke, Toronto, we specialize in handling dangerous goods. Presently, we have a variety of clientele who do import and export in the various industries, from auto parts to frozen seafood.  

While we have been in business only for a few years, we have already grown tremendously. To date, our proudest accomplishment was when our annual sales touched one million dollars. 

Our vision for the future is to grow the size of our business and increase our market share, so we can compete with bigger players in the market.

While we are passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment, and so we use recycled printer cartridges. We even have a paperless work environment.

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